What exactly is a CBD Paste?

The team at Global Botanics CBD go one step further with our CBD Paste formulations. We believe people deserve more than just an average CBD Oil, which is why we are introducing our Paste range ensuring that people receive a more natural, raw CBD consistency.

CBD Paste contains Hemp extract and plant particles combined with a high-quality Hemp seed Oil – an herbalist’s dream!

This ensures that you are getting all the goodness of every cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid the Hemp plant can offer. Take a look at our Cannabinoid and Terpene profile on the product page to see for yourself.

So why take a CBD Oil when you can step up to Global Botanics CBD Paste?

You will need to taste our Paste to see for yourself.

It is a far more viscous formulation which can be taken sublingually under your tongue, applied topically to the skin and joints, or like us, added to your favourite smoothie and breakfast.

With 40 servings in our GB Pen device, the options are endless.

Get more from your CBD by choosing Global Botanics CBD Paste