NO to Dilution – Why Quality Assurance & Integrity are more important than ever.

Firstly, we ensure our Global Botanics products contain only EU Certified Hemp Seeds and also that GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are adhered to from seed to sale.

This reinforces that you are receiving the exact same CBD formulation with each and every purchase of a Global Botanics product, giving you peace of mind and delivering more bang for your buck.

A recent documentary by the BBC two demonstrated that the above is not always the case.

As a company operating within the EU and who export to other EU member states along with the UK, demonstrating transparency is paramount. 

Demand Quality, consistency and integrity from your selected CBD brand.

Global Botanics says NO TO DILUTION!

Global Botanics CBD advocates against Dilution when manufacturing CBD, as we believe that manufacturers should be removing contaminants, not trying to dilute them out.

Many CBD manufacturing processes tend to dilute their formulations in order to keep THC levels under the legal limit. But this is not the only reason. Some manufacturers use dilution to mask high levels of toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals.

In 2016, a California Laboratory identified that 84.3% of all Cannabis products they tested contained pesticide residue. (Read the full report here)

An article published in the Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids Journal entitled “The trouble with CBD Oil” states,
“If any of these contaminants (pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, etc) were present in hemp used for CBD extraction, they would likely end up in concentrated form in the resultant Oil”

A pesticide analysis lab indicated that, “The general rule-of-thumb for persticides in concentrates is this: expect about a tenfold increase in pesticide burden versus the flower used for extraction”.

This means that the concentration of pesticides in the plant material multiplies by 10 when extracted and concentrated into an oil.

Clearly, pesticide use is widespread and, in the case of CBD Oil production, can become concentrated in the finished product if it is present on the plants.

So why aren’t more CBD products testing positive for pesticides? In many cases, the answer is dilution.

“The general rule-of-thumb for pesticides in concentrates is this: expect about a tenfold increase in pesticide burden versus the flower used for extraction”.

Global Botanics CBD Test all our ingredients for all metals including  Aluminium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Titanium, Vanadium, Calcium Magnesium, Molybdenum, Mercury, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, Sulphur, Boron, Silicon, Sodium, Arsenic, and Cadmium.

We do not add any MCT Oil, cocoa butter or beeswax to our products. We ensure dilution is not present in our products.


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