Consistent dosing of CBD

Our Global Botanics CBD Paste:

Global Botanics CBD Pen ensures consistent dosing with 25 mg of CBD per click to give you exactly the same each and every day.

Our airless device keeps the CBD Paste fresh and consistency at all times, maintaining a very high quality.

What’s so special about our CBD Softgels?

Our CurcuCBD softgels also provide specific dosing with each softgel containing 25 mg of CBD, combined with 10 mg of Curcumin.

When you consume this unique combination, you are giving yourself two super nutrients in one softgel. Rarely has this combination been available before!

Here at Global Botanics, we wanted to bring to the market something more than just another powdered capsule.

Feedback from customers regarding Global Botanics CBD Softgels has been nothing short of amazing.

There is also the advantage of no hemp taste which some people can tend to struggle with.

Watch our demo video below to see for yourself.

Available in 30, 60 and 90 gels.