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Global Botanics are one of Europe’s main broad spectrum CBD specialists. Based in the West of Ireland, we go one step further with our products, combining our high quality CBD with other super nutrients such as turmeric and curcumin.
We are an Irish Company specialising in CBD and nutritional supplementation. We strive to help meet people’s needs throughout Ireland, Europe, the United Kingdom and across the world.


CBD Extract Paste 10%
New CBD Extract Paste combined with MCT Oil and Beeswax....
CBG Extract Applicator
CBG (Cannabigerol) is know as the mother Cannabinoid and is...
CurcuCBD Softgel 90 Capsules
A simple and easy way to get your broad spectrum...
CurcuCBD Softgel 60 Capsules
A simple and easy way to get your broad spectrum...
CBD Paste (Out of Stock)
Global Botanics CBD Paste GB Pen. A Natural CBD supplement...
CurcuCBD Softgel 30 Capsules
A simple and easy way to get your broad-spectrum CBD...

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